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For over 30 years French manufacturer MAFDEL has developed a wide range of thermo-weldable conveyor belts specialising in food, packaging & industrial handling applications.

The MAFDEL range of Positively Driven Conveyor Belts provide Optimized Operation , OIptimal Hygiene Levels & Easier Cleaning.

Positive Drive belts combine benefits of modular belts and mono - material conveyor belts with out the draw backs of hygiene & cleaning issues.


  • POSITIVE BELT - Offers exceptional tracking thanks to the dual row of teeth. Its perfectly smooth top surface makes cleaning easier and maintains an optimal level of hgiene.

self-tracking positive drive conveyor belt


  • DEL/DRIVE  - Meets the most stringent standards of hygiene and is ideal alternative to conventional modular belts. It replaces modular belt without any modifications. It is either driven on a sprocket or motorised drum.

positive drive conveyor belt DEL/DRIVE


  • DEL/SYNC - Is a reinforced solid belt combining conveyance and synchronous drive with extreme precision and hygiene.

synchronous drive conveyor belt DEL/SYNC




Thermoweldable Belts for Industry

Polyurethane and polyester belts

  • Round Bets
  • V Belts
  • Profile & Special Belts
  • Welding Tools



Thermoweldable Mono Conveyor Belts for Industry

Conveyor belt

  • Food Industry
  • Material Manufacture
  • Packaging
  • Plus other sectors
  • Special belts & Profiles - High Frequency Welded



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